2019: second attempt :)

Hi All 🙂
Long time eh?

After the 3 first gatherings, towards end of 2018, I decided to stop it.
I was not happy with the project, and I was not sure about why.

In September 2018 we moved to another flat, always in Tufnell Park.
Just last Sunday, during my daughter’s birthday party, my former neighbours invited me to move back, in the lower ground flat of their house, as they loved so much to see their children jumping the fence between gardens and play with mine.

I then thought: ok, this is time to restart, and what I want to offer to my daughter is not just a shared garden, but a whole neighbourhood!

The reason I was not happy with village gathering, last year, is that there was something wrong about my intentions. I thought it was better to stop and continue later on. I was probably giving too much importance to my thoughts.

Thanks to the offer of my neighbours, I found a way to move on, and change the focus from me to something (someone) else. I have never been a super social person, but at the same time I know what I want, and I also know that my desire is not isolated. There are other villagers (we already exist 😀 ) willing to see a social re-nourishment and been able to feel the outside as something comfortable, nice, human.

I have a vision.
Many years ago I went to Vilnius, Lituania, where I casually ended in a neighbour that declared itself “anarchist”, with a name: “The beautiful land of Nevermind”. There was a plaque at the entrance of the village, explaining that entering that area meant to access to a peaceful place.

Can you see something similar, at the entrance of Tufnell Park?

If the answer is yes, let’s gather!!!!!

At the moment we are looking for people with a stronger motivation.
Later on, we’ll start again with the gatherings. They are the core of the village, the practice that will make it real, like meditation for Buddhism or… shooting for war XD

uh.. I’ve just searched “the beautiful land of nevermind” on google. It is now a tour operator! arrrrggg!
We might add just a rule: never transform Tufnell Park village in a tour operator :p

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