About 14 October ’18 gathering

Hi all!
Just quickly thanking for yesterday.
Honestly, I was not expecting anyone to come for a walk under the rain! But in the end we were 4! And I personally enjoyed our little simple walk very very much.

At one point I felt as we were a little flock with no direction and its own beauty. I don’t know if the participants noticed it, but we changed speed once in while: slow in green areas and faster in trafficked Holloway road.

While chatting with Habiba (thank you!!), I also had the chance to realise a bit more what this is about.
The idea came one morning, very early in the morning after a very funny party in Utrecht (NL), while I was listening to a black bird and wondering what the hell was it saying.
I then found someone who not only gave the answer, but also suggested to immerge yourself into that listening in order to create a connection with the environment.
Birds, indeed, use sound and vision as primary sensory indicators, as well as humans, and they are even listened by other animals, like squirrels, in order to know what’s going on, like a cat approaching.

So they are like a bridge, a sort of story tellers.

The same guy who explained bird language, is now part of a team that work on “cultural repair”, and the village is the place where this can happen.
Connection is the base of well-being: being connected to the others, to ourselves, to the environment is the key to a fun and peaceful life, where our unique expressions are listened, enjoyed and shared.

How? Like anything in life: through practice.
The village is the practice of connection.

Tataaaa!!! End of the post 🙂

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