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Yesterday Jane on Nextdoor wrote:

Would love to walk and talk but can’t make the date. I’ll be watching this space now. Here’s a thought – If not me, then who? If not me then why not me? We are always waiting to be ‘led’, but leaders are just ‘me’s’ who put themselves forward. Kudos to you Michele!

Here is my answer:

Interesting comment Jane!
Leadership is an interesting subject.
During a recent workshop called “music circle and human connection” near Finsbury Park, led by a young Brazilian, I realised that leadership is just an element that facilitate activities. That guy was extremely sweet, practising non violent communication. He managed to let everybody have a very nurturing piece of free expression, without leaving his absolute leadership apart.

Coming back to your comment, I believe that when we get together without leadership, we breath!
As you pointed, whether in a non violent, or sadly violent way, a leader is always there to tell you what to do.
Democracy (that I believe to be the best form ever) is all about freedom to vote… leaders!
It is part of human nature, nothing that we should fight. The problem, in democracy, but also in any other environment, is just to choose the best leader.

Probably what we do during our gatherings is not really leaving leadership apart, but experience the boundary between leadership and freedom, because while leadership can be absolute, freedom (as absence of leadership) is what I believe to be the most advanced form of civilization.
Stay together one or two hours, relaxing, enjoy time, activities, creativity, comforting each other without being led by someone all the time but maybe just sporadically, requires self control, the ability to care for the others and to balance our own integrity.

Amen XD


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  1. There’s an interesting followup on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/376015722932100/permalink/403627346837604/?comment_id=403630390170633&notif_id=1538734513765837&notif_t=group_comment ).

    I copy paste it here

    Jody Paterson
    great question and very interesting thoughts! It has been a deep exploration for me for a while now and the more I look into it the less I seem to know about it! There are many ways to look at it but my current experience is more based on an intuition of potential, a ground of relationship where we are able to be ourselves freely and the function of leadership (which often just comes down to the question of: what do we do?) emerges dynamically from naturally free passion and interest

    Jody Paterson
    Jody Paterson I wrote a blog about it a couple of years ago and it’s interesting to see that the essential impulse is the same now but I have learnt a lot more about what it means in reality, and of course what it doesn’t mean!https://thefreedomlab.co.uk/2016/09/03/to-lead-or-not-to-lead-that-is-the-question/

    Michele Pittaro
    Hi Jody Paterson!
    Thank you for your links. Joy is so sweet!!
    I read your post, and also the the other you linked about dynamic relationship.
    Since I started writing the first part of the post, I had in mind the image of a salad, where leadership was just one of the ingredients, not the main one. I love the idea of dynamism, it is very… biological! We are indeed organisms immersed into an alive environment: all it’s continuously mutating and we are in a continuous process of re-adaptation.
    During my vipassana course I learned that the mind if the most powerful tool in humans, with pro and cons, able to even manipulate the fluidity of our extremely complex biological life.
    How to nurture and manage in accordance with whole seems to be our most demanding duty…

    But as a general rule, not to surrender to rigidity seems to be a good skill 😉

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