What do we need to make Tufnell Park Village a reality?

Through one simple practice: gather regularly with the only purpose to know each other, without goals, without stress.

This time and this city want us to be determined, focused and goal oriented. Everything costs money and most of the spaces are “allocated” and regulated.

A village needs time, freedom, horizons. In other words it needs our mind to be open to it.

The gatherings create the emptiness that our minds need to build up the village.

Possible tools

Village building is something already explored in very good details by an American organization called 8 shields. They suggest a few tools, such as story telling, fire quest, dance, cooking together, singing, bird listening and others practices that facilitate connection to yourself, to the others and to the environment.

Any village is unique, so even if their researches are extremely valuable, we will find our own way.

during the gatherings, social classes are momentarily abolished 😉