First gathering done, it was a fantastic chaos! :D

Dear Villagers,

yesterday we have accomplished a great social milestone: we gathered with very little organisation, no need of any kind of leadership, and with the pure desire to be villagers. And it was beautifully chaotic! 😀

I personally enjoyed it very much, despite the fact that the location was not the best for chatting quietly, while taking care of toddlers. After 30 minutes the pub became a bit too noisy, and not safe enough to leave the toddlers wondering alone.

We were: 3 toddlers, 2 mothers, 1 father (me) and other 3 adults… a fantastic mess!

I personally had no expectations, and I liked it a lot! It actually met one sort of hidden expectation: it was relaxing and authentic.

One of the participants asked me to give a speech, that I prepared but not provided (I really couldn’t), but after the request I realised that there was no need: I loved the chaotic fluidity that rose by itself, and at the end I received some very passionate feedback about the pleasure of meeting new totally unknown people.

So, what’s next?
Just before we waived goodbye, Sabine told me that she is missing walks from her Germany.

In his “Thinking, Fast and Slow” the neuroscientist Daniel Kahneman talks (also) about the relationship between the walking speed and the pace of thinking, and since I read that book, I realised how lovely is to cogitate together at a slow speed, or even walk alone, in the evening, when I feel the need to reorganise my mind.

So, shall we gather for a walk? 
It would be a fantastic way to connect with each other, and with our area! There is plenty of things to see.

Buildings and plants have a very intimate relationship: they are physically adherent, they share the same space, cohabit, share surfaces, temperature, roofs, water pipes, earth… have you even thought about it?

Let’s see if this new call will reach someone 🙂

I will soon publish a new post with a new village walk-gathering invitation.

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    1. Hi Joy. There is also a fb group (top menu), and this website of course, with roughly the same contents.
      I’ll send you a reminder next to the gathering.
      🙂 see you Sunday 14!

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