message to S. after no one showed up at the first gathering

Hi Sabine!

Unfortunately yesterday nobody showed up.
I might give it a second chance, but first I definitely need somebody else to show an alive interest, otherwise it would not make sense.

I intentionally have not invited any friend (just vaguely spoke about it) because I wanted to test if there is any real interest out there, and it seems that this is not entirely the case.

The dimension of the village is something that needs to cohabit together with the dimension of the big city, and it might simply seem to difficult or useless.
I am personally trying to live the two dimensions at my best, share it with others, and later on cultivate practices to have a “connected” life (to ourselves, to the others, to the local environment).

As I said, London is probably not the place where someone who is interested in these things wants to live or move to, even if it anyway offers plenty of great experiences, included “tribal” practices that help know themselves and feel connected to nice communities (I personally had the chance to enjoy some of the best practices of my life!).

It does not make sense to organise another meeting now. I leave this open to anyone who is interested to deepen it. What I mean is that, if you feel called by this concept, let’s meet or chat and build up something together.

The actual village gatherings can come later at a more mature and proper stage.

Love, Michele
ps. thank you a lot anyway for your interest! It gives me very good vibes 🙂

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