Restarting soon!

Dear fellas, here I am.

A long time passed since our last meeting! In the meantime I spent some time travelling. I ended up in Italy where I created a “language exchange” group through meetup.

It was nice! In only 2 weeks it started growing with people from different nationalities and continents. But then Codiv-19 came, and we had to stop.

Now that we are allowed to breath again freely, I will restart, but with a slightly different approach, and a newer purpose.

In October my boss, Arthur Searle, died. You have no idea how much I loved him! He was an authentic and unique friend. But life ends for everyone, and I am glad I could share my time with him.

After his death I had to figure out how to make my income. I’ve been a part-time web hosting manager since 2010, but I never offered a brand, so here it is:

It is not just a regular web hosting (I can’t resiste to mess up regular things!!!), it’s a bit more, and here I am trying to mix my 2 beloved social creatures: the web management and the village gathering.

I can’t say more for now! There’s so much to do, but the seeds have been thrown 😉

I’ll be back asap with new gatherings!


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