second private message to S., that received a positive answer

Hi Sabine! Thanks a lot for your answer and your curiosity.

I have been waiting for a calm good moment to answer. It might sound a bit utopian, but I really want to build up an authentic, local sense of tranquillity and peace.

I am not looking for something intense. Yesterday I went to a fantastic gathering (one off), called “music circle and human connection”, led by a young Brazilian. That was intense! Singing and dancing for 6 hours, talking about ourselves to each other using non-violent communication, with a growing joy on what became a communal blood stream.. yes, extremely nice and intense.

No, I am looking for something very quiet and peaceful, with maybe a similar goal, but with local resources. Maybe unintentionally, with the word “intense”, you picked the sense of what diversifies my (mostly unshaped) desire from what I very often experience in London’s workshops.

In the last year of my life I jumped from one workshop to another, all about music, dance, opening up, authenticity… and they were all so intense. If I go to one gathering at 8pm for a couple of hours, for example, it’s intensity keeps me awake until 4am! And sometime it becomes even a problem for the plans of the following day.

In my imagination, the village (or neighbourhood) is something alive but with its own rhythms, the rhythms of a local, little community. The idea to run weekly gatherings lays exactly on the simplicity of a local life.

There is another person (Sasha from nextdoor) who was very interested but could not come because of work hours, and a friend of mine, also local, who is also very motivated in supporting my plan. If you feel like, we could have a very simple gathering when possible for all of us, maybe in a public space like Tufnell Park Tavern. What do you think?

I can publish another call on nextdoor without a fixed time/date (to decide with whom will be interested, through the chat), at the Tufnell park tavern, and see how it goes. And even if we won’t meet, thanks a lot anyway!

I will not live in London forever, so if I will go somewhere else, and decide to give this another try, I will surely make good use of our little conversation 🙂 Michele

I receive a positive answer and I am going to set it up soon!

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