Second Village Gathering… :D !

Hi Villagers.
Ehem… let’s gather again !!

As I wrote in the “3rd first village gathering”, the first time we gathered ended up being something chaotic and interesting, with lot of potentials. I could tell you that up to scientific research, gathering is the best way to keep yourself happy and healthy, but you simply have to come and see how you feel after that! And if you know any scientist, invite them for a live experiment 😉

Sabine suggested to gather for a walk, something not too demanding.
A walk at a slow pace would be a great container to observe the area, chat within us, maybe stopping once in a while to enjoy some little expressive moment (I have something in mind…), or whatever would arise.

The first available day will be Sunday 14th.
If that day will work, we could gather in the morning, 10am – noon, or in the afternoon, 2.30pm – 4.30.

I would like to gather at Foxam Gardens (I love it!), but it’s only a suggestion.

What else…

Uh! Of course, I forgot to mention that yesterday I talked to Joanna (Whittington park community centre). She told me that in case we might decide to gather there for something indoor, they would try to offer a room also with a short notice.

So questions:

  • Sunday 14 sounds good?
  • 10pm or 2.30pm… or?
  • Foxam Gardens or any other place?

As usual, answer via private message or populate this post, with whatever comes to your mind.

Important reminder: ALL are welcome! The village is all, from minus 0 to +infinite years old, of any nature and taste.


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  1. Hi!
    So, I was a bit insecure about today, but this morning I received this message from Sabine, on next-door, who is experimenting my oil 😉

    As for the walk: my dad always used to say, “There is no ‘bad weather’, there’s only ‘the wrong clothes’.
    Am curious how people will decide…

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