Update for next week (24-30 October) gathering

Hi Villagers!
I have received some updates, and here is the new availability.
PLEASE let me know yours, in order to narrow down a solution for all.
THIS IS OPEN TO ALL!! single, double…triple, homo, straight, black, white, blue, green, natives, foreigners, those in the middle, stressed, relaxed, “don’t giving a heck”, disabled and non, adults and children: the village is all!
What to do is up to all (I know, it sounds a bit anarchist, but we’ll figure out how to make it civilised 🙂

25 Tue from 4pm,
28 Fri from 4pm,
29 Sat any time,
30 Sun morning until 1pm.

If none of this with for someone, let me know and we’ll look for a solution.


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